scuba diving

The sapphire blue waters, high water temperatures of 20-26 degrees, crystal-clear waters and organized diving faculties offer you everything that you need for a day, or even night adventure. The dives are available for all ages – from small children with masks in shallow waters up to certified divers who want to visit reefs, shipwrecks, diving to high depth as well as night dives. Also, experienced divers can take part in Free Dives in depths of 10 meters. You don’t need to bring any equipment, only the will to enjoy the deep blue seas. All equipment is provided by the diving faculty. If you have always dreamt of diving, but never dared, there are diving classes for beginners that begin with essential technique and safety courses, continuing onto dives in deeper waters, always with an escort and under the supervision of the highly qualified instructor.

All the above, along with the respectful preservation of the seas of Skiathos gives you a picture of the incredible charm and beauty on offer. Come with us to discover Skiathos under the waves.