For Cycling enthusiasts staying at Hotel Punta, we recommend exploring and discovering the hidden beauty of Skiathos by bicycle. Starting your cycling route from Hotel Punta you will discover unique landscapes on your route.

THotel Punta is in the perfect position to offer you an unforgettable cycling experience, due to its close proximity to Skiathos Town, as well as the beaches and mountains of Skiathos. Hotel Punta boasts stunning views, including the unique view of the magical sunset against the contrast of the vibrant view of the port of Skiathos.

Here at Hotel Punta, few kilometers far from the historical town of Skiathos, you will find everything you need for your cycling. Discover hidden routes, colors, aromas and herbs of the island, using your own bicycle, or a bicycle - manual or electrical, that the hotel can arrange for you.

Here in Skiathos, you will find a variety of routes suitable for all preferences, be it short or long-distance, as well as experience levels, beginner/easy, intermediate and advance routes, giving the guests of Hotel Punta an opportunity to discover and experience the unique natural beauty of Skiathos island.

You can find some of the routes we suggest you in the following links of

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